About Us

ROPHE College is a healthcare education institution incorporated in Hong Kong in 2013, formerly named ROPHE Education Limited. ROPHE provides medical and health continuing education platform. Also it supports people who would like to serve the community by organizing “LOVE EXPRESS” campaign. Yide Therapy is an important part of RHOPE College as it is a simple method that can help people to release of pain and discomfort. With the development of automation in agriculture, industry and office, people lacks exercise, soft-tissue injuries from repeated movement and spinal related sickness increase. The proportion of the soft tissue injury morbidity and incidence of spinal injuries in orthopedic patient accounted for most of the increment in this area. Therefore, at present some China regional hospitals have set up a corresponding spinal injury, soft tissue injury specialist team and specialist hospitals. Based on our clinical experience and knowledge learnt over the years, refining all discoveries by renowned Chinese and Western medicine, we have made series of books and related products in Yide Therapy. We also work with local and foreign health education institutions to provide training programs for their fellow students, professionals, say practitioners in soft traumatology (including those engaged in soft tissue injury rehabilitation, physical therapy, acupuncture inflammation, massage, physiotherapy), natural therapist and health educator (including those engaged in natural therapies, beauty, fitness, yoga, exercise) and general public who concerns about health issues. We provide continuing education in health and encourage the community to embrace healthy living.